Are you ready to walk in your freedom?

I'm Kimberly and I am an Advanced Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and mother of 4 boys to men.  I work with men and women who are survivors of intimate partner abuse and childhood trauma.  Several years ago, I started my own healing journey and it is my passion to help others walk in their freedom, recover in every area of life and discover who they are apart from abuse.  

Meet Kimberly

Hello Warriors! I'm so glad you've made your way to the The Freedom Academy.  Let me introduce myself!  I am a budding author, speaker and Advanced Certified Trauma Recovery Coach under the supervision of the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching.


I am called to serve people with childhood trauma, codependency and narcissistic/psychological abuse.  As an entrepreneur and CEO of Kimberly Weeks Coaching LLC. and the founder of the Kimberly Weeks Freedom Academy, a part of my life purpose is to walk with people into their freedom from the impact of relational abuse & to disrupt the patterns, principles & practices that led to it.  I support survivors through one-on-one coaching and coaching communities.


I stumbled into coaching after a 13-year abusive marriage and a health diagnosis that left me searching for answers on the impact of long-term abuse on the body.  I began my own recovery and loved the trauma-informed process so much, I wanted to help others.  As both a childhood and narcissistic abuse survivor, I am passionate about supporting the rediscovery of identity and purpose for my clients.  


I integrate my business acumen, lived trauma experience, and  my faith in God into my coaching to support both the natural and spiritual needs of clients.  I reside in the greater Atlanta, GA area in the United States with my 4 tender warriors.  I love dancing, nature, laughter and covenant partnerships and friendships.

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