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In 2017, Kimberly Weeks began her trauma recovery journey after years in an abusive marriage that left devastation in every area of her life.  After being physically depleted, sexually violated and emotionally and mentally abused, like many narcissistic abuse survivors, Kimberly was left picking up the pieces of her life.  Years of gaslighting, devaluation and rage left both her soul and her body reeling.  An autoimmune diagnosis left her questioning what really happened as a result of chronic stress and an environment of survival.  She began a journey to discover how to help herself heal from the abuse.


Years of therapy, counseling and coaching made it clear that there was a huge deficit in support for survivors of narcissistic abuse.  While resources were available in multiple places (i.e. books, podcasts, courses, etc,)  there was not a widely-known community for people to apply those tools in the safety of other survivors who'd had the same experience. 


The Kimberly Weeks Freedom Academy (KWFA) was created in 2020 to provide that healing space for survivors of abuse and childhood trauma. 


Members will have an environment of safety and co-regulation to both learn and apply tools to support their own healing while cheering on the healing of other community members. 


Through each member's process, survivors will be able to discover and reconnect with their identity and chart a course for the rest of their lives and relationships.

KW Freedom Academy exists to disrupt the patterns, principles & practices that have led to relational abuse.  We provide a healing space for adult abuse survivors through ongoing teaching, coaching, a supportive community and access to resources and recovery tools.


Members will be equipped with the language and understanding of what happened in their abuse, whether past or present, where the pattern began in their childhood and how to break the cycle of self-abandonment for acceptance and approval. 


As an offering of Kimberly Weeks Coaching LLC., The Kimberly Weeks Freedom Academy supports survivors of trauma and abuse through:


  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Trauma-Informed resources and tools
  • Natural (Psychological) and Spiritual Support
  • A supportive recovery community
  • A training ground for walking in freedom after abuse
  • Discounted 1 on 1 personal coaching
  • 20% Discount on courses and products


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